HyperTech Computer Service Charge List

Diagnostic $30 for windows $60 for laptop
Software Installation $30 for each software installation
- Will be waived if customer agree to use our repair services.
Computer Repair including windows crash, spyware and adware remove, virus cleanup etc. $60.0 minimum
Monitor Repair $90 minimum
Data Backup and Retrieve $100.0 minimum
Network System Setup:
New Network System $90.0 per node
Server Setup Call
Home Internet Sharing:
1 Server (windows xp or 2000)$100.0
Workstation Setup$60.0 per PC
Hub and CablingCall
- Internet sharing setup based on a stable DSL or CABLE MODEM setup; therefore, any delay due to the connection malfunction will be at the customer's expense.
On-Site Service:
1 Hour On-Site Working Time$100.0 (within 2 miles radius)
Every Additional 30 MinutesADD $50.0
Pick-Up & Delivery Service:
Within 2 Miles Radius$50.0
2 To 10 Miles Radius$75.0
Over 10 Miles RadiusCALL
- If the estimated work can not be done within 2 hours, we strongly suggest our customer bring the defective unit for repair services or use our pick-up service.
Note: Most computer repair will spend 1~2 days. To bring in your computer for repairing, HyperTech only charge based on one case.
- In order to make an accurate price quote & to prepare our technician for better services, we need the customer to provide as much details as they can. Any additional requirement after technician arrives at the service site, will count as a new service order. The additional charge will be estimated by the technician or call our main office to determine the price.
- The pick-up service includes disconnecting the main computer unit, one printer, one set of speakers, and monitor. The delivery service includes reconnecting the main computer unit, one printer, one set of speakers, and monitor. Any additional device will be charged for additional work.
- Labels will be applied to the cables and connectors where it is necessary.
- The pick-up & delivery service is completed when the computer boots up, and the customer will be shown where the work was performed. Any request beyond this point will cost the customer $25.00 per 15 minutes.
- Same problem with same unit is warrantied for 30 days. After 30 days, it will be counted as a new work order.
- All service charges are non-refundable
- Parts and Software will be charged separately
- 6% Sales Tax will be added to the total price.